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It seems the hardest part of being a writer is the writing.

Anyone who knows me understands that I am simply run off my feet time wise. Three kids, a full time job, and a bad habit of having a mid-life crisis once every three years. It gives me a lot to talk about, but not much time to talk. Recently I decided to return to the second novel of the Atheist series … yes, I am calling it that now … and I found myself once again dissatisfied. I wrote two chapters that I am only marginally happy with, and then my two protagonists simply got quiet. I have a destination for them, and I have ideas that I want them to discuss with you, but the path doesn’t feel right yet, so I don’t put it down. The screen stays blank and I feel like I should try to force the issue. Read More… and it’s official. I am now blogging for The Atheist Republic

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I seem to keep this blog solely as a medium to post my apologies for not posting to my blog … how very meta of me.

Is that word still being used?

Anyway, I am currently working on a book intended as a followup to The Atheist Bible, and what I have so far I really like. My problem is time. I have none, and for all of my pissing and moaning about what I need to finish it, in those rare moments when I am being honest with myself I know what I am missing. Read MoreTime to be quiet …

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Once again I am apologizing for silence. It seems getting this writer to write is more than a little difficult. Not a surprise though, as I’ve been busy. Most recently,…

Read the PostI DO know Jack …

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This place has been quiet lately. Barely any activity at all, save for the digital dust. I have been a bit ill. Too much coffee and stress made me sick, and too much humanity made me nervous.

I am finally coming down from a major disappointment. A few months ago I was going to be working with a Canadian secular charity, helping to promote humanist thought in Canada, and I crashed face first into the ‘Canadian Secular Charity Conundrum.’ Nobody seems know it exists yet, but they will soon enough.

To understand, you are going to need some background. Read MoreThe Canadian Secular Charity Conundrum

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I was reading Reddit yesterday, and on the /r/writing subreddit was a post written by a writer who was upset by authors who refuse to read other authors works. He based his opinion on the idea that if you do not read other authors, specifically of your target genre, you deprive yourself of their skills, of their techniques, and you end up creating works that sit too far outside of the genres, or are too unpredictable, to make categorization easy for the publishers. In some ways, I thought he was right, and yet I know that I resolutely refuse to read anything other than research while I am writing, for the very reasons he stated. I want to avoid being influenced. Read MoreAn Observation on the New Book Marketplace

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This is a guest post written by Ryan Burkhart from Hammer The Gods.


A message to my religious friends and family:

I find it rather disturbing when religious people look at me with glee, as if I’m a prospect for religious conversion. It’s disconcerting to see people, especially those I care about, act like predators – and treat me like prey. It’s also a very devaluing experience. The subtext of such interactions implies that my only value as a human-being is that of a potential convert. Furthermore, these attempts at religious conversion are devaluing for both the ‘predator’ and ‘prey.’ Read MoreA Message to my Religious Friends and Family