Being Right is Not Enough – (Atheist Republic) We are all born atheist, but for so many of us it doesn’t last. Why? Ask yourself: When a child is first exposed to organized religion outside of the home, what do they see? …



Republican Jesus­™ Cares
– (Atheist Republic) The internet floats on a cream of kitten pictures, scary truths and scammers, and everyone is selling something. Put your spoon in and stir, and what surfaces is as random as a drunken punch, and just as likely to make an impression. But we all keep clicking. It feels like there is a destination to this boredom, and you will know it when you arrive. Make a connection, find a link, always just one level away from the boss. Then the wires get crossed and you find yourself browsing a site that has a crucifix and an AR-15 as a logo. Disoriented, you think to yourself … How did I get here?

I, Atheist – (Atheist Republic) One of my first memories is of a wooden school desk. I was in a basement on Hawthorn Ave, in Ottawa, it was dark and the walls were rough stone. At least they looked that way to me. On the desk was a small record, a forty-five, and on the label in the center was a green apple. I would remember the apple years later when reading about a lawsuit between two rich men, one whose power was in ascendence, the other not …

The Myth of the Moderate – (Atheist Republic) If you are a follower of international news, a day does not pass that doesn’t include some reference to religious violence in the world. The gods are doing battle for the cash and the souls of mankind, and there will be no quarter given to those who would oppose them. Over time the names of the players change, the names of the groups evolve, and given enough time even the names of their gods start to shift, but one fact is always repeated to us ad infinitum in every report; the actions being reported are always done entirely by the extremists …

And the Gods Will Circle the Wagons – (Atheist Republic) As a child, I knew nothing of Judaism or Islam. My mother raised me in a world where Jews and Christians lived side by side, and any friction felt between them was easily ignored. The Second World War had purchased a half century of free moral passes for the new state of Israel, and the days when Western activists started to see the human toll of the genocide happening within the borders of Gaza and the West Bank were long in my future …

The Canadian Secular Charity Conundrum – Freedom to voice an opinion shouldn’t end when you become a charity.

An Observation on the New Book Marketplace – Sometimes, one person speaking will allow you to hear the world.

A Message to my Religious Friends and FamilyThis is a guest post written by Ryan Burkhart from Hammer The Gods.

My Letter to Justin Trudeau – A big legacy demands a big fight, and I have just the thing.

Priests at the Bar – The evangelical university, Trinity Western, wants to teach law in Canada. I think that’s a bad idea, and here’s why …

The Billion Dollar Tithe – Some thoughts on the separate school system in Canada.

Bill Nye, the Debating Guy? A Lamentation – I do not debate children on the reality of Santa Clause, and I don’t debate young earth creationists on natural history … so why did he do it?



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